10 Commandments of Customer Service


    Customer service is uneasy but it is possible to provide if to manage properly. Customer service is everywhere. We get it wherever we go. A person comes out to buy bread and milk; s/he gets service in the grocery store. When we go to the railway station to get a ticket to travel somewhere, we get service there too. Asking for help online is also a service because we apply for goods or services and they way we are served speaks out whether the service is good or bad. 

    There are Ten Commandments of customer service to follow in order to keep a customer:

1.    Make customers return to you by asking them what they want and meeting their requirements repeatedly.
2.    Systems but not smiles. The fact that you say “please” and “thank you” is no guarantee of you to do the job right and on the first try. System approach only can guarantee that. 
3.    Promise less doing more. Customers wait for you to keep your word. Surprise them and exceed their expectations. 
4.    When a customer asks for something, always give a positive answer. 
5.    Fire all the controllers and departments responsible for customer relations. Every employee working with customers should have authority to handle complaints and to solve problems. 
6.    No complaints? Something went wrong. Encourage your customers to tell you what you did wrong. 
7.    Measure everything. Football teams do so. You should do so just as well. 
8.    Salaries are unfair. Pay people as if those were your partners.
9.    Your mother was right. Show respect for people. Be polite. It works. 
10.    Japanize. Find out how the best work and implement their ideas and improve them.

     If to treat a customer well, s/he will get back to you. This is what our service is happy to provide with, a good treatment through an excellent customer service. Our service is reliable. It provides with different kinds of essays and writing skills of our team pf writers are beyond belief. 
     Do not make suggestions concerning what customers want. They will inform you about it. 
Let them talk. Make a survey out of five or even three questions, which would be precisely oriented on a customer`s communication with a company they asked for help. 
     Do not insist. If a customer do not want to answer the questions due to lack of time or no desire, let it be. To be annoying is a bad strategy. If a company is not the cheapest, it should provide with something else – convenience. A company removing problems, making life easier.

    Every time a customer asks whether we can do this or that, we answer yes, we can. We surely cannot to paint your house or to wash your windows because we provide with custom writing, editing and proofreading services but if your query concerns our field of business our response will be positive. We always try to assist our customers kindly.


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