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     If you want to seize the unseizable, it is marketing on the principle of former German Democratic Republic: “a little of a car for as many people as possible”. It is also called splining marketing. There might be too many efforts to solve a problem. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and once you have an essay, which is to be corrected – do not waste your precious time and ask for help online. At first you need to develop tactics, to get an idea and then to implement a strategy. Tactics is a nail while strategy goes for a hammer.
    One may get more detailed information upon strategy in the book written by Michael Porter A Competitive Strategy for advocates of a theory of marketing especially. He found out that there is a wonderful balance between profit and market share. It was considered to be earlier that the bigger the market share the bigger profit is but reality is different. If a market share is very low, profit may be quite high. Only when a marketing share becomes very high, the profit may become very high accordingly just as well. There is a whole world of entrepreneurs between these positions. The author calls it between the stool and bench. There is a niche with high specialty on one hand and on the other hand, position of costs minimization, as, for example, C&A does on the market of clothes. 
    Tom Peters says that people should develop their “passion for little uncopiable things”. It is impossible to find the most energetic, therefore active and successful ideas, ways out, solutions of the problems without pleasure, excitement and joyful heartbeat within one`s chest and one should keep it in mind. Our team of writers, editors and proofreaders are kind, energetic and joyful at heart. The have passion for writing, editing and proofreading and to help a customer is in the first place for them, which bears fruit in the form of flawlessly accomplished papers. Their eyes glow and tingle every time they are assigned to do a task.
    As an example, there is one little thing from 300 of others, which is a handwritten weather forecast on a guest`s pillow of a hotel room. It is no longer a surprise to find chocolates on the pillow. Almost every hotel has such a thing. Having a weather forecast though, a guest is able to know whether the next day is going to be sunny or it is going to be raining, how many Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees the frogs predicted. Those are little things, which do not cost anything but make a place different, unique and justify pricing. The employees remain the most important software of any company and we are proud to work with experts in the area of writing, re-writing, editing and proofreading.

    Our work is organized so it is taken as a pleasurable spending of time. Get rid of a feeling that work is a hard labor. This value was definitely formed after collaboration of a German and a door attendant. Work with passion, with love to yourself and with people who have enough motivation. You will feel it through their strong spirit.


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