5 Holy Grail Tips For Editing and Proofreading


     You have been assigned to write a paper and you managed to do it but it is not the end of the story. To be able to put the assignment in the folder with complete sign on it, you need to proofread and edit it thoughtfully. It is not an easy thing to do especially if your grammar, punctuation and spelling are rather shy. Either way, it is your responsibility to make sure it is done in a proper way. In case you truly care for an excellent or at least a good grade. Do not let your professor down with a paper lacking editorial work. You let yourself down in the first place though. Your paper is your face, your soul, your signature and style. Sending away a paper without proofreading, you show yourself as sloppy and inattentive person. Avoid that and accomplish tasks properly once you decided upon doing them by yourself.
    There are five holy grail tips the least you may follow when editing and proofreading your paper:
1.    Spellcheck is easy to do working with Word (Google Docs, Drive, and WordPerfect). It is simple as that. It is really funny how some people skip this step as long as the programs are so easy to use and there is no additional software needed. A paper looks so unprofessional once there are errors in it. 
2.    Grammar may be not your cup of tea, not your specialty but once you are able to read and write, you should be able to do it right. WordPerfect and Word have grammar checks. They are built in the programs, which makes it to where it is simple to check upon grammar mistakes if any. 
3.    Do not be shy and read it. Loud. Is not it easy? While reading loud, you will manage to see the glitches within the test without a professional editor`s help. Through reading out loud, you will be able to actually hear the problem via wrong sounding. 
4.    Do not forget about titles. They are needed to be edited/proofread just as well. We are used to skip them and subtitles thinking that a problem lays in the text but it is easy to make a mistake anywhere, in any piece of the text including titles and subtitles.
5.    There are such things as foibles. Know them. Look through your paper upon whether there are many “will” and “that”. They are most likely to be removed because if to read a sentence with will, one may notices adding –s might help and make it sound even better, more alive because passive voice sounds lazy, active is nicer.   

Everything comes with experience. There are plenty of professional editing/proofreading services providing with professional editorial work let alone possessing writing skills and knowledge in different subject areas who are able to help with the task an average person might feel panic about. The choice is vivid and bright. There is one exceptional service though able to meet ALL requirements and providing with not an excellent quality paper only for a moderate price delivered on time but an excellent service through brilliant attitude to a customer. See for yourself!


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