About Importance of Communication with A Customer


     It is very professional to be able to communicate with a customer once you work in the field of selling goods or service providing. Even though writers are considered to be people living rather secluded life, being some sort of misanthropes, each is a human being, each has a family, relatives, beloved people and friends. Communication takes place everywhere. Wherever we go and despite a famous saying that it is better not to talk to strangers, it may be applied to certain strangers only at certain time and place. 
    An excellent service means not excellent writing or editing skills only due to loads of experience but communicational skills just as well. In order to find out how to write a paper, instructions given by a customer may not be enough. Asking questions, communication means even more. Through asking questions, is possible to find out what and how to do and so the document was quite the thing. Knowing what a customer wants and knowing what to expect from you as a person applied for help, is 50% of the job done and not just done and go but done properly.
    Only through a talk, we get to know what others think, whether they are satisfied, what they received and what they did not manage to get to due to some reasons, what they plans to get in the future, what are their preferences. Often and often, the missing piece of the high quality service puzzle is knowing precisely what the customers wish for. 
    Managers should realize that from the customers` perspective a company might do many things in a wrong way, ranging from a wrong appointment while placing an order to delay in delivery or withdrawal to provide with post-sale support. A solitary one mistake out of many others possible in the series of actions and solutions a service consists of may turn a customer back on you forever. 
    The best thing to do and what our team of writer and editors does is to put oneself into a customer`s shoes. To imagine as if we are customers in need of academic paper writing/editing assistance. The idea of excellent customer service lays within well thought and implemented two-sided communication. In order to deserve a customer`s trust, a service provider should know what the customer thinks about but not an average consumer inhabiting national economic statistics. 
    Bradley Printing Company invites representatives of customer base into typography in order for them to be able to view the process of their orders being in progress. Members of staff say that customers wish for seeing how it works. As a result, the level of customer satisfaction raised. In accordance with vice-president of Bradley Printing Company words, their employees got a chance to understand better, to have a more clear idea of what ordering customers want and to show a job proudly. 
    A drilling and blasting operations company working for oil and gas industry enterprises makes an excellent example of a two-sided communication within a company. According to the words of its vice-president, their technical specialists visit the ordering customers before starting working. The specialists observe the location and inform what the engineer-in-chief about the situation. Then, they go back to the office and give recommendations based on information given by an ordering customer.

     Mark Coborn, executive vice-president of Coborn`s, a very successful retail chain with more than 30 gastronomies and supermarkets in Minnesota and South Dakota, in which 6500 people work says that some stores require from their employees a productivity only. They do not pay attention to customer communication that is why there is no communication happening. Some think it is better for workforce productivity. They forget that a good impression from the process of purchasing leads to the sales increasing and, in this way, increases the productivity. In the end, business depends upon people. Any business depends upon people, any sales.        

    It is a shame though that many companies still consider communication to be a waste of time. They believe communication to be braking force. Opinions differ. Our service is a customer-oriented, a customer-friendly and those words mean nothing but communication with a customer in the first place, trying to get what s/he needs and to meet the requirements.


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