All You Need To Know About Customer Service


  The world becomes more and more global and proposal at the global market, in its turn, becomes more and more diverse. Along with that, the difference in quality of the offered goods and services and its choice, meaning to say consumer properties, which would allow the customers to make a reasonable choice. As a result, a product positioning, its promotion and customer service of course, come to the fore for customers. 
    It is a customer age and in the XXI century, the participants of business should think of their customers in the first place. Not only about what needs and demands a customer has, what desires s/he wants to be satisfied with the aim of acquired products but also what feelings occur him/her interacting with a shop assistant, what impressions will be made as a result of this interaction, what recommendations s/he will give to other potential customers. 
    Service is created for customers who experience different emotions. People working in the sphere of service, should be psychologists a little bit. They should be able to determine what happens the most frequently and to know how to react:

1.    A feeling of comfort and safety. One of the main tasks of any service to make a customer feel calm and relaxed. 
2.    Ambitions. Each of us wants to seem more than we actually are. Service should be built so every customer could pick oneself up in one`s own eyes at least one step higher.
3.    Love and care. Care upon the ones we love we value more than care upon ourselves. Especially parents value caring attitude to their children. Owners of city malls know this perfectly fine creating game rooms, or restaurant-keepers inviting clowns at weekends for children's matinees. 
4.    Curiosity. Eagerness to try something new, to learn something, solve a riddle – wonderful features clever companies gladly use. They try to surprise customers, to show them something nowhere to be seen. Such companies are memorized. 
5.     Real-world communication. For many customers, communication is the main need as long as they feel lack of it in their lives. Zappos shoe online shop, which is known world-wide for its remarkable customer service, earned its reputation particularly due to their phone operators to be ready to spend hours speaking with their customers by phone, to discuss different issues even though ones, which have nothing to do with shoes.
6.    Anger, indignation, irritation. It is difficult to deal with a displeased customer. Many procedures of customer service are designed in view of such type of a customer – s/he needs to be disarmed with a smile, calmed down, to charge with optimism. At bottom, ability of a company to build communication with such customers and turn them into satisfied customers is one of the indicators of remarkable customer service. 
7.    Greed. This emotion influences a customer`s behavior in two ways. On the one hand, a customer faces difficulties with either s/he should seal bargain. It is long and painful process of debating a matter in mind, its profit and expenses. As a matter of principle, such a customer is a convenient target, s/he is ready to listen to the explanations, s/he needs to be provided with arguments of a company to offer profitable conditions. On the other hand, s/he is sensitive to different bonuses, s/he can and should be suggested various additional services, discounts, gifts.
8.    Aggression, arrogance. Such emotions are normally about a wrong estimation by a company its level of service a customer requires. In other words, a customer usually becomes aggressive and arrogant when s/he thinks s/he has a right to receive a special attitude while receiving none from the company. In case those are well-grounded claims, it is a serious mistake in the settings of service processes, which is to be corrected.
9.    Jealousy. Many decisions concerning primarily our customer behavior we make with the aim not to be worse than someone else does. This is why it is important to speak beautifully about the advantages of exclusive service and to emphasize the exceptional nature and high status of those ones who use it.
10.    Disappointment. More often than not, service is the reason of disappointment. In order to avoid it, first thing, which should be done is to stop promising what cannot be implemented, do not say in public of what the company is unable to provide with at the time; secondly, to do an in-depth study of service business processes and to control rigidly its abidance by all the employees. 

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