Characteristics of High Quality Service


      Today, customers need much more service than it was before, in a self-service epoch, back in 1970`s. One of the reasons is that they have less time to do shopping; this is why they need shopping to be fast and effective. Hecticness occurred customers in business-to-business (B2B) sphere just as well. 
     There is a great parody on that subject in the Back to the Future movie. Michael J. Fox`s character who appeared to be back to the past, passes through the filling station in the style of 1950`s and freezes in amazement (as long as he does not understand as of yet that he teleported back in the past), seeing how four workers of the station with smiles on their faces wearing meticulously ironed jumpsuits jumping about the car. Like a pit stop team at “Formula 1”, they run over the car approaching, fill in the buck with gasoline, check upon gear oil, wipe the windows and polish the body of the car.
     Your essay will be polished just as well through careful and thoughtful editing. It will be looking like a new porch waiting for you to get inside and drive. A customer today clearly wants and awaits for more and better service. Journal of marketing published new survey findings under the title of “What is important for a customer.” The results were following:
     Chain Store Age journal research showed that 80% of customers called the main criterion while choosing a retail shop to be an ability to get their money back without any trouble. Most of the big chains of retail shops guarantee their customers for their money to be back if anything. Unfortunately, millions of small corporations cannot afford themselves such guarantees (the big ones become even bigger as a result).
     Cambridge marketing college (Massachusetts) surveyed a huge number of service companies` customers – from banks for firms, providing with labor service devices repair, what factors, in their opinion, are the most essential for product or service satisfaction. Research workers established the most important characteristics of high quality service:

•    reliability;
•    outgoingness;
•    materialistic element;
•    concern.

     This is what online service provides with in a full manner. Customers want for the service to be reliable, precise and stable – they get it. A company should always be ready to help its customers and provide with prompt service – they get it. The members of the staff have to be polite, competent, radiate confidence – they get it. The office and the equipment should be clean and attractive and the staff – neat – they get it. Individual attention to each customer and being ready to listen are what they get just as well.

     Premier source of customer`s being unsatisfied is unredeemed promises. If a company replies on the telephone call or a message instantly, it meets these requirements. Customers are human beings, they are individuals and they want to receive a due care. They want to be noticed and essay-editing service online provides them with attention, care and excellent quality of paper. 


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