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       It goes without saying that Internet is full of online services offering to write, edit and proofread academic papers for students claiming their services to be the best, the most accessible ones, the most affordable ones, the most… What makes a website providing with services online the best though? There are plenty of slogans and mottos promising a shiny flawless paper but in reality what we face with are expensive services providing with a so-so quality of paper, with rather poor quality of support, invalid contact information, plagiarism in the papers, glitches and errors sometimes, it does not look as good as it looks on the sample, as it is shown from all those positive feedbacks and testimonials. We want to pay for the benefits, not for a nice slogan, which eventually turns into a lie. 

   ► You were assigned to write an essay and you did. You was worrying you would never make it in your entire life but you accomplished the task. You are still worried because of the paper to possibly contain glitches and errors you could miss or cannot know about due to lack of knowledge. You come up with an idea that you need an editor desperately to edit your paper so it looked complete. To find not just good but an excellent editor is not that essay because of many to be offered as soon as you start browsing searching for one. Luckily, for us, you have come across our service, which welcomes you and eager to assist with your essay editing. Our editors  are ready to help with whatever type of editing you need, whether it is developmental-, line- or copy editing and proofreading. 

   ► You as an author of your paper should be ready for criticism. Of course, far from everyone take criticism normally and in a state of calmness but at least try. If you want your paper to be excellent, you should be open for criticism in any form it might appear. We all would want our paper to contain minimum if none errors and it would make us feel low if we were told to change and re-write the part we like best of all, we find just great and would never do any changes about it but remember that an editor is here to help you and make it only better. Make sure it is clear what message you were trying to convey through your essay so there was no question like “What do you want from the reader to take from this?”



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