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     The Rockefeller Foundation research showed that 68% of lost customers cease to buy anything due to lukewarm attitude. In accordance with this research, unsatisfied person does not stop buying him/herself only but tells 8-10 other people WHY s/he stopped using services of this particular company. One out of five unsatisfied customers leave a negative feedback and share its ill fame within twenty more friends of his/her.      
    Nevertheless, the companies do not seem to be very excited about investing money in staff`s training, do not try to motivate the staff to change indifference to enthusiasm. Probably, their management considers customer-serving ability to be an inherited quality or they think their employees are unable to learn or assume such a high rate of staff turnover that training of the current staff will be a waste of time. The way one thinks, the way it would be.
    Football team mangers playing in World Series and Super Bowl championships normally ascribe the success to their teams to masterful knowledge of basics. Our players make very few mistakes, they say. Professional sportsmen train regularly in order to show stably high results. Can you imagine, for example, a football star Steve Young not to show up into a training camp saying something like “I play good enough without any training.” Far from every employee is trained an excellent service basics for 2 hours.  
    It is proved that people, not machines are impulsive force of economic growth is said in Special Report about labor supply, published in Business Week newspaper. It is rare for a company to train its staff, who are responsible straightforwardly for customer service.
    Dissatisfaction of customers has poisonous influence on business as long as to make a customer forget one negative episode, dozens of positive feedbacks are needed. There are many feedbacks. Some are better, some are worse. It is important to realize that very often a customer does not know what s/he wants originally, providing with unclear instructions. A proper online service, it does not matter what type of work it provides with, should understand its customers` needs and should do its best in order to accomplish the given assignment in the best way possible within the timeframe. 

    Nowadays, the choice is too big and a customer may leave for the sake of some other service, which is more affordable at pricing or else. This is why it is highly important to have a hand on what is going on, to be familiar with trends, to know what others alike have to offer and come up with more shortly. Being informed and reacting promptly will save a company from losing its customer base and a customer from a necessity to change a service provider.


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