How To Cope with A Customer`s Fear


    Each of us is prone to fear. Fear influences fatally on all the decisions we make including the decisions connected with our customer behavior. What are the most common and frequent fears of the customers?
1.    Fear of lie. There is an iron clad rule in business of trade that you have to know every trick of the sale. In the very least, this is how we are taught since the early childhood. It does not matter how many honest and profitable purchases we have made and how many times we have faced with corresponding accomplishment of duties, there is still subconscious confidence within us that any company we deal with gives eye-teeth for lining its pockets at our cost. 
Treatment: There must be no pressure. There has to be an impression that every decision made, is made on one`s own. To keep one`s word, to do everything what was promised to a customer. To show openness - customers are interested to know how exactly their problems are solved.
2.    Fear of one`s incompetence. In many fields of business, new goods and services appear so often that a customer is unable to follow the changes. Far from everybody shows one`s incompetence freely and ask questions, which might seem stupid. This is why customers try to avoid such awkward situations or in case a customer falls within an embarrassing situation – feel rather embarrassing afterwards. 
Treatment: to speak with a customer on a simple and get-able language. To explain any notions, which might seem unclear or unknown, providing with examples preferably. Practically, it is always possible if to think a dialogue with a customer over in advance. 
3.    Status mismatch. Service is that very field where we demand a special attention to our status subconsciously. We believe that we should be provided with a service in accordance to our status and we get upset when no service we expected is provided. It is especially vividly seen when informal status is proved by formal reasons like VIP-client card. 
Treatment: First of all, with following strictly the rules concerning VIP-clients. All the preferences a VIP-client may get should be provided in a binding offer. Second of all, any employee of the service sphere should be able to determine the status of a client at first sight. Thirdly, if a company completely remove the market strategy to the side of lower segment of target audience or conduct a special promotion for this segment, it is not enough to simply add cheaper positions or to apply bigger discounts but to make them understand that they are welcomed. 
4.    Fear of losing time. Nowadays, time has become the main value for people. Pace of life increased rapidly and few people are ready to spend extra 5 minutes on waiting. 
Treatment: To increase to the maximum and simplify all the business processes concerning service. Key factors – employees` competence, their ability to answer fast and precisely any questions a customer may come up with, solid procedure of paperwork completion, well-thought and detailed logic of a customer excursion through servicing area. Many companies put into practice a well-known method: they provide customers with discounts in case a customer`s expectation lasts longer than usual. 
5.    Fear of choice. Oftentimes, it is a very painful process for a customer. A priori, each of us tend to think that the bigger the choice, the better. However, facing such a situation in practice, far from everybody is able to come up with a set of criteria objectively and to make a rational choice. 
Treatment: Showing how big the choice is, ask leading questions in order to accurately and tactically shorten the variety of choice. Optimally, to reduce the choice up to three-four options, this is the amount we are able to rationally consider and evaluate. 

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