How To Do An Effective Revision


   To revise anything really is a hard work. You think it is easy for the one doing a revision but it is not. For a reviser, a revision is unpleasant too especially if there is a lot to revise. Whether it is a bed-and-breakfast place or a college paper, revision is something what should be done and there is a whole sphere when it comes to revision of restaurants or hotels. As for papers, separate specialists on revision also exist along with writers, editors and proofreaders. 
    To conduct a revision properly you need to read a paper carefully, slowly, maybe even aloud and with the necessary emphasis, there should be no rush in order not to miss anything. While reading, make sure the content flows smoothly like a river, so there were all the needed transition words, the needed style of writing, explained notions if any. Mind your language, it should be simple. Keep in mind your targeted audience. Each academic paper requires a certain amount of sources. Be sure your paper contain enough of them. 
    Some other perspective on how the things are with your paper would be appreciated. If there is a close friend or someone whose opinion you value and trust, give the paper to this person for viewing and let the person tell you what s/he thinks. You might not notice what other might. A revision process is long (depends upon the word count and number of pages) and painful (depends upon the subject area) process. One should take it as seriously as writing itself. 
    A company should generate new ideas and new ways of business conducting. We stick to this strategy in our work, which makes us quite prosper and well known in our sphere and among our target audience. Feature of novelty is a huge power stimulating and making business stronger and it is irreplaceable in contemporary highly competitive world. without any new ideas, any new ways to embrace customers, new ways to become closer to a customer, new methods to enter the thoughts – business has no future and it will lead to unsatisfied customer market. 
    Life is like a merry-go-round. Seeing the right horse, jump over it. If not doing it straight away, this exact opportunity will be lost forever. It is important to raise the bar slowly though when it comes to improvement of service. A new JetBlue Airline Company is a nice example. It managed to raise the bar with help of such innovations as yoga on board and separate satellite television for every passenger so s/he did not have to watch one and the same film for the hundredth time. 

    Changes should be gradual. If to move too slow, you will lose opportunities. If to move too fast, people might think there is something wrong with them. They will not manage to keep up with you and the only problem will be in your inability to take a correct view of your possibilities. Improve yourself every day, every week, and every month - otherwise, the world will pass you by without waving at you.


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