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     Most people have no clear image of what proofreading is. It would be put to good use to explain first what it means. Thus, when a student is asked to do proofreading of his/her assignment (pardon, students are not asked, it is something self-evident to be done over any academic paper), s/he begins thinking that this is something super difficult and there is no way s/he would ever make it. A proofreading is all about focusing on the following moments: spelling; spelling errors; words, which are missing; punctuation and capitalization. Many confuse with another type of work, which is editorial work. Editing is about style a paper was written in, clarity, logic and organization of the paper. 
    For professionals in this area, there is nothing worse in this world than mistakes in a content. Oftentimes, these people are scrupulous insomuch that even when they do not work but, let us say, on vacation or elsewhere and they happen to see a misspelled signboard, they become irritated and feel like correcting the misspelled spot. Their hands shake with irritation and impatience. Proofreading is their passion and the working team of our online service providing with proofreading services and not only has this passion for what they do just as well. They are able to warm and their attitude is very appealing for any customer whatever clam s/he might turn out to be. 
    Writers, editors and proofreaders are observers and active listeners. They take part in conversation at the same time showing their care and sympathy for the customer`s situation and eagerness to help. They are quick to sympathize and applying for help, one feels safe shortly. Thus, a customer sees s/he talks to alive person who understands and take the problem seriously. The door to meaningful talks are opened up. It is highly important for the management to find this kind of staff and not just money-oriented robots. Customers are normally young people, students who at the moment of asking of help are in the state of emotional excitement and our job is to help them calm down and relax, to assure them their papers will be written, re-written, edited or proofread with bells on. 
    Our proofreading service stands out with its sincerity and positive view on things. Each paper is always delivered in a timely manner. This is another distinguishing feature we are happy to tell our regular and future customers about. Customers never complaint for no reason. The task of an excellent service to do whatever it takes them to make customers feel comfortable and that they are safe. There were no cases of customers to complaint and it is an evidence of the service to do their job excellently. We are accurate and fast at speed and this is one more feature to boast with but we do not :) 

    To sum up, what we are glad to suggest are employees` attitude, reference to the customers by name, quick service, high quality of papers, fair prices. Experience the benefits we suggest once, you will not want to leave our service for another. We make it cozy and nice, comfort each and every visitor turning him or her into our customer and as a result both sides remain satisfied.  


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