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     Are you frustrated because of the essay you were assigned to write? It is easy to understand. Far from everybody has what it takes to write and to do it well but for this purpose, to help students like you who need writing help, online services were created for. Our service is not an exception. It provides with excellence of service and papers. You might need a course work, a thesis, a dissertation or even a resume to be written professionally and out service will gladly assist you with any of the above. We provide with writing, re-writing, editing and proofreading services for moderate prices delivering in a timely manner and each paper is absolutely original and error-free. Guaranteed.
    Personal service is highly important. For example, under the circumstances when working equipment is out of order, serve manually but no refusal to serve. This is all about an excellent service. Employees should be aware, should be told clearly and straight that they cannot refuse to take an order or pretend it to be impossible to answer a question just because the computers do not work. If an employee tells a customer, s/he cannot take an order because, you see, s/he will have to write it down by hand, in doing so s/he says s/he does not want to help if s/he will have work cut out for one. In case some expensive enough product does not work, take it back by yourself, do not give a customer harder times making her/him return it. Employees should say their customers that in case something does not work, customers should let them know and they will replace it with a working item.
    Many companies tell their customers to simply return a product in case it is out of order. This is not right. Customers should feel they are taken care of. They are upset enough with non-working items. If a company takes it back itself, at least a good impression of the company will be left in the memory of a customer.  Even a smile on the face of an employee does not save a situation. It is very inconvenient for a customer in the first place especially if a purchased goods are household appliances or a car and a company has to realize that. Apart from feeling guilty for a non-working piece. A customer should not be taken for granted. Some companies though guarantee they will take a non-working piece back and fix it. We guarantee a fixed paper too. Revision is one of free features we offer and it is unlimited. We try to let each customer see that s/he is important for us. 
    Some companies send their customers thank you notes. Thus, Barron Hilton was answering its guests` complains in a written form personally. The team of our writers and editors see the difference between profit and friendly, competent and fast service.

What a manager should take on board to make the service provided better than customers expect. We did it and it worked and it keeps working. It makes it to where our service is memorable, noticeable, regular customers bring their friends and relatives in, they keep on returning back wishing more service like this. Colby Chandler, Eastman Kodak chairman of board of directors followed through this conception giving a speech at National quality forum. He appealed to induct a new service strategy, which goes further that “satisfied customer”, its purpose is a “happy customer.”


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