Myths About Editing!


    There are plenty of myths around editing just like around anything else in this world. We shall not call out myth busters. Just not yet. Number one myth is that a good writer does not require an editor. Once you are here, you definitely seek for help. You definitely know there are mistakes in your paper and that is why you became interested in editorial work. 
    Myth number two is about paying for editing. It is nice if you have someone close in your family you can show your paper to and receive a feedback upon your work. It makes you think that no other opinion is needed, that a professional editor is most likely expensive as anything and it is not worth of expending money. Besides, your husband/wife/brother/sister/mother-in-law/father-in-law/neighbor has already looked it through and made some changes. 
    Myth number three goes for editors to be all the same. First of all, there are different types of editing therefore, editors differ. Whether you need a developmental-, line-, copy editor or a proofreader, your paper will be edited differently because if a developmental editor pays more attention to the structure and arguments given, then line editor does not work with an author of the literature piece that closely. Copy editors draw their attention to the language of the text, while a proofreader checks on errors (grammar, punctuation, style and format).
    One and the same editor may do some of those at once but just like with translators, there is no good translator who translates all types of the texts. Normally, there is a translator, who does either fiction translation or translation of legal documents, technical translator, sequential translation and simultaneous translation and so on and so forth. You got the idea.
    Myth number four is about expenses one should spend on an editor. Many think that editor is just an editor and that there is nothing extraordinary about it but on the contrary, an ordinary thing. Therefore, what is the point to pay more and it will be okay to find the cheapest one, to use his/her services and no one will be the wiser. If money is the issue, than yes but you get what you paid for and do not complain after you receive a poorly edited paper.
    Myth number five goes for the very first editing service you see surfing the Internet. This is where looking through recommendations and feedbacks take place. Even though you normally do not do that, maybe it is time to start. You will get to see many interesting and useful information upon a product or service you are about to buy or receive.

    Our service is a myth buster. We work in the sphere of editing not for money but to bring a result. We want and need our customers to be happy and satisfied. We love our customers, we love books, we love words, we love letters. Editing let alone writing is what we enjoy and sincerely share with our clients through working upon their papers.



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