Promotion: Symbolic T-shirts or Symphony Orchestra Guiding


     The purpose of promotion actions is to help with promotion of products or services. Promotion actions is to make relations with customers stronger and more reliable. Mention made of our service awake positive emotions and images. We would like to emphasize the individuality of our company providing with writing, re-writing, editing and proofreading of academic papers and other college assignments.
    Neiman Marcus shop is a good example of an excellent customer service if to speak about goods and its merchandising. Its system of merchandising and customer-friendly shop assistants are wonderful and in case a customer appeared to have problems with a purchased product, s/he could always bring it back. No questions asked. The owner of the shop, Stanley Marcus liked to joke and this place got a reputation of a funny place. The shop followed this reputation preparing extravagant Christmas gifts.
    If to strengthen one`s business with promotion actions, they should carry the ideas of the business within themselves. This is why it is not a good idea to sponsor symphony orchestra and to give away T-shirts across the streets. It is more important to be able to keep regular customers than to find new ones. Thanks to regular ones, you have your bread and butter. Be careful when it comes to details. Loosen the purse strings. Dress up your personnel, invite an orchestra and buy some flowers. Remember, you work to create an impression, which should remain among your customers. What is better – flat soda water and dry toasts or champagne with caviar? 

    Our company has many examples of its work to be accomplished the best possible way. We do not need any either motivational or promotional things to attract our customer. We are attractive without all that due to the excellent customer service we provide with daily. We provide with invisible hugs through our service. If it ever happened to you to enjoy a four star hotel in many more times than a five star hotel, it means that you were given an invisible embrace, that is why it was so pleasant. If a waitress remembers what sort of tea you prefers and suggests it first thing you pay drop by the café, the place gave you an invisible embrace. It is service with enthusiasm and enthusiastic service let alone invisible embrace are what we are happy to share.


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