Service As A Marketing Tool


  Normally, a good company provides its employees with training programs in order for them to work on a proper level. If to speak about online helpers, such services take into its teams people who already possess a certain luggage of knowledge and skills. Our online company providing with proofreading, editing, writing and re-writing is not an exception. 
    Trained staff helps to keep the regular customers. To keep a regular customer is five times harder than to find a new one with help of applying special customer service techniques. Real high quality service and service mentality, as a result of training, increase customers` trust for marketing tools. In case of customers to be unsatisfied with a company`s attitude, or ignorance, they lose trust for the company. Thus, no matter how hard the marketing department tries, it is unlikely to achieve the desired reaction to marketing messages.
    It is better to do well than to say well therefore, it is better to illustrate close interdependence between high quality service and marketing effectiveness with the aim of next rhetorical question: what do you think, if a customer had a bad experience of co-operating with a company whose employees are lazy, arrogant, incompetent, insincere, indifferent and irresponsible, is there any chance for him or her to leave a cozy and soft sofa to run for shopping at such a store or company providing with services after watching an advertising clip claiming for this store or company to treat every customer as a personality, as a potential friend? Do you have any doubts? More likely for this customer to forget about such a store or company like a bad dream.  At times, a customer may be so angry that s/he refuses to buy a product or use a service in further even though there is a risk to lose it under circumstances to not find such one elsewhere.
    Our team of writers, editors and proofreaders treat customers with all the respect. They are hardworking, kind-hearted, easy-going and serious at the same time, competent in different spheres, sincere, ready to help, attentive, careful and responsible. The management is aware of the customers to react on advertising no better than if in your store or company they are always treated as thoughtfully as manikins.  
    When words do not meet the actions, all your marketing messages cause is laughter only but no trust. Moreover, all the future marketing messages are brought into a question too. Climate of mistrust for promotional announcements may last for years. 
    Inquiry of 20 large companies showed that in order to train their people, contacting with customers, less than a day is given. Existing programs often do not have a necessary direction. Members of staff are taught to work with equipment and to smile to angry customer. 

    To provide with excellent customer service is a hard work but it is easier if to take it seriously, wisely. This is how our company is and it is ready to assist at any hour, on any day of the week. It is available round-the-clock. Anyone may enter the site, look around, all the buttons are clickable, to place an order is easy and fast. More than 400 writers, editors and proofreaders are at your service. Be our guest!



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