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    There is no room for panic, doubts and pain because now a writing let alone editing and proofreading service is available, by means of which one will have a paper delivered well-timed, followed by all the given requirements and written/edited/proofread originally worth an excellent grade! To make an order is easy just like to navigate the site. There is no chance for one to wander around as if being stuck in the forest or puzzled in a labyrinth. The design is the first thing a visitor`s eye meet entering any website. How it is made will be pleasing to the eye and positive feedbacks will strengthen one`s faith in that it is necessary if success is what is required eventually. 
    A team of writers and editors working for the service has, apart from loads of experience working in different subject areas, a great ability to stay calm in the situation of emergency. It happens for a customer to apply for help at the last moment and under the circumstances when not that much of a time is left, stress seems to be the only comrade but whatever the deadline is, professional writers and editors are up for help and will do their best to accomplish a task the best they can. An average person would be overwhelmed not with a task only but with being short in time but this is not about a true professional who was applied for help. 
    A college assignment is not some natural disaster; it is not a tornado struck all of a sudden your neighborhood. A professional, asked for help, monitors the situation and responds appropriately to accomplish the assignment the best possible way. A customer may feel confident about the assignment and safe upon its quality, originality and price. Policy of price is another issue especially for students from a needy family who work part time along with studying or who have families of their own. On the other hand, just to distinguish oneself from peers is a purpose one follows applying for a professional help. A service online may be a way out. A service online with affordable rates is a dream come true. 
     “Writing is about hypnotizing yourself into believing in yourself, getting some work done, then un-hypnotizing yourself and going over the material coldly,” said Anne Lamott. There is something about her words, do not you think so? 
    Timothy Firnstahl, founder and executive manager of Satisfaction Guaranteed Eateries chain of restaurants in Seattle,  says that once a month, a group of his workers gives phone calls several hundred of customers asking to give an estimation point upon the service in the restaurants. Names of the customers are taken from the customer base in accordance with advance booking and by credit cards payments. From Firnstahl`s words, “most people are surprised and touched to be given a phone call. As a result, many become our devoted customers.” 
    One may see customer feedback cards everywhere. They look different but, as a rule, these postcards or cards are of a similar format, which are to be sent by mail or to put into special box. In a perfect world, these cards are to be sent directly to the executive managers of the companies. Lately, these cards are to be seen more and more seldom. No reaction of any kind from a company, convicted by bell book and candle its customers that to fill them in is a waste of time. Most of the companies should print on them the following: “Please, fill this card in. And forget about it. We do not really read your feedbacks much and do not take them into consideration applying to our job.” 
      Target shops back in 1980`s used customer cards, which provided them with rather negative and unpleasant information. The company solved this problem easily through changing the questions in these customer cards. Unfortunately, very few companies react on customer complains in a written form. This is why very few customers fill such cards in due to their past experience of no reaction from the companies. According to the researches though if a complaint is to solve fast, a company saves 82-95% of unsatisfied customers. Money flows like a river and companies prefer to look and find some new customers. Managers believe that the customer flow is never to end so there is no point to keep those whom they already have. Advertising companies are happy to draw new customer cards.  

    There is one service, which understands the economic merit of saving its customer base. By means of control programs and analyzing, which help to identify the reasons why a customer is unsatisfied and meet the needs of every customer. This is why every customer remains satisfied with the orders because their requirements are always met.


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