Surefire Ways To Write and Edit


     There are many ways to write and edit. Everyone chooses a way, which is more comfortable for him/her personally. They say, Ernest Hemingway was writing standing while normally we imagine a writer sitting by the table. Some probably feel writing that is more comfortable lying in bed.  Joanne Rowling known for books about Harry Potter was writing in the train. Some say other famous writers to write under the influence of psychotropic substances like opium or else. To cut it short, there are many methods. Same thing with editing. Some edit at once, after each sentence or paragraph being written but most – when all the writing is done. It is better to do it after one is done with writing. However, something can always be added in the process of editing. If that is not just a proofreading when the written text is checked upon any mistakes. 
     There are many types of editing such as developmental editing, line editing and copyediting, you may find the most frequently. The method of editing while writing is also rather uncomfortable due to a high chance to forget all the ideas within your head you were going to share with on paper. Far from every author of a book, journal entry, an article or a blog post is good at editing, that is why professional editors are involved into the process of working upon a piece of writing. There are quite a lot of professional online service providing with both, writing and editing + proofreading. Students are its audience so to speak in most cases because they apply for help on writing or editing of their academic papers such as study cases, essays, course works, theses and dissertations. They enter the website, choose a type of work they need, fill in an application form and submit the request. It is important to make sure to provide with clear instruction upon an order and for a connection between a customer and writer or editor to be there in case of any queries and questions. 
     What is also highly important is not to edit just after writing was done. A paper needs to be put away for some time for an author`s head to have a rest. Same thing with translators. For example, even if the translation is urgent, a professional will accomplish it, then put it aside for some break and then look it through with a fresh eye. Surprisingly, many mistakes may be found or some for sure. Truth they say that time is the best doctor. Even when it comes to writing/editing papers. It is impossible to notice anything to be wrong, any glitches and errors once a paper was written. The mind is tired, the level of attention is very low. Taking a break does help a lot. Not students only but bloggers and social media writers let alone book authors do so. Do you think this is the very first version of War and Peace novel by Tolstoy you keep in your book collection at bottom right from that pink piggy bank your grandmother got for you last Christmas? (Smile)
     Have a cup of coffee or tea, watch a movie, go out for a walk or spend some time in social networks in order to distract your mind from the written piece and then go back to editing. Content. Structure. Grammar. Edit a paper in accordance with these three stages. The content should make sense, structure should keep a reader`s interest burning and then grammatical errors are left to be found and corrected. 

     Spending too much time on editing causes overdoing it. Avoid it. If you feel like you have already begun – stop and relax. A professional online service will help you to do editing properly. It will even help with writing if that is required. Far from everybody is Hemingway or Rowling clearly, there are plenty of professionals though who will gladly help you charging not much but providing with excellent quality in return in a timely manner!


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