"The Postman Always Rings Twice"


     To write a letter. What could be easier, you might think. Everything is not that simple if that is a college assignment. Once you are no longer a student, you are going to be needing a resume and a cover letter to go with it. A cover letter is a letter explaining the contents of the document you attach, namely a resume for an employer to see and decide whether you fit or not according to your education, experience of work and skills obtained. 
    Our service is happy to provide with high quality service for moderate costing and deliver your paper in a timely manner. Our customers may ask for help with their academic papers writing, editing and proofreading plus may be provided with professional resume and cover letter as already has been told. Our team of writers is exceptional due to its experience of work in this area and their natural positive thinking and attitude to a customer, who is our biggest value. 
    No encouragement is needed for our writers and editors as long as a customer is happy and satisfied with a paper s/he asked for. Sometimes, encouragement takes place within a company where services are provided, which means for a company to work with people directly. For employees working for fixed payment and/or payment by hour, it is a way out. They will unlikely show any initiative under such circumstances but one should be very careful with a system of encouragement if any.
    Service should be friendly, sincere generous and considerate by nature. This is the type of service our company provides with. High quality of service increases marketing strategies effectiveness, increases sales volumes and a customer`s loyalty. Marketing attracts customers and high quality service makes them stay.
    High quality service is like smooth teflon coating protecting from appearing in every company problems and mistakes now and then. Service should be fast. That is what we guarantee. Service should be reliable. That is what we guarantee just as well. If a customer cannot rely on service, s/he will do it by her/himself. 
    People tend to ask others for help just like they would want for all the carcinogens to be removed from cigarettes. As long as people more and more tend to do things by themselves, division of product and service happens. For example, at the transport hubs, people prefer carry their bags by themselves in order to save time and money; household appliances-, shoe stores- and fast food places customers provide themselves with a self-service. Another vivid example is slot machines appearing a lot in the retail shops. A customer presses a button and gets a product and even a check.     
    It is like Target Corporation, which input a self-service system into a woman`s shoes department. Now, one may see boxes with shoes of all sizes. There is a sample of each pair of shoes standing on every box. Once a woman made her choice, she approaches the cashier. At ARCO oil company`s stations, customers pump gas into their cars by themselves. Then, if they are hungry, they go to the 24-hour store, get a hamburger. On the way to the cash register, they might get a pack of milk and basically interact with a service officer at the cash register. 

    We believe that details are important and we pay close attention to details; In addition, there has to be culture and consistency in a customer service. We are polite referring to every customer by his or her names. We are prompt at answering queries of our customers. We are enthusiastic, know how to approach every customer, provide with as much attention as needed. Those are strategies of friendliness and this is why we are 100% customer-friendly. People like to hear their names. The sound of our names is the most desirable, favorite sound for people even though they claim their name to be disliked. It might be a detail but essential detail and we take into account all the details. 


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