Tip-toeing Around Substantive Editing


     “I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil,” said Truman Capote. Very often, it happens for people to know what they want to say but they cannot “see the forest for the trees.” There is one good online website, which will provide with writing, editing and proofreading services. Editing just like writing is essential. The quality and grade of one`s paper may depend upon how and whether it was edited. Your document will be thoughtfully edited and the point your have made will be saved just the way you want it – logically and coherently. Among many others, such as copyediting or rules-based, technical editing, line editing, developmental editing, proofreading, there is such a thing as substantive editing or content editing, which is also called analysis-based editing and our editors are able to help you with your manuscript to be edited this way just as well. Therefore, you should not worry upon this matter and let the experts do their job. So, provide online editor with clear instruction upon your order and relax. “Coffee is for writing and tea is for editing. I don`t know why but it just is,” said C.E. Wilson. You just enjoy a decent cup of whatever drink you prefer and be sure your document will be looking the best way possible. 
    Our team of editors and writers are motivated enough. They do the job they love. They love people and value their customers. Many companies have a service trouble though. This is what The Time newspaper informs of that many sellers, delivery drivers and other customer officers feel lack of motivation due to low salaries and no career development. In accordance with journalist David Halberstam The Reckoning bestseller, the main questions people ask themselves whether the job they have is able to give them anything, Whether the job they have is worthy and in most cases the answer is negative. A favorable psychological climate and good working environment makes it to where our service may show off its employees who are ready and glad to help whatever difficult the task might seem for a customer.
    Disney World Company engages its best employees into the process of candidate selection. The company make a choice upon the best employees out of business units in which vacancies are available and train them intensively for three weeks. They have a right to choose upon what candidate to pick afterwards during 45 minutes interview. 
    Supermarket chain on East Coast puts an eye-catching wagon in the parking space of the shopping centers and in front of the schools in order to attract potential candidates` attention. People may come in the wagon, fill in a job application and go through a job interview.
    Restaurant chain in Connecticut invited 75 French students to work during summer holidays. Students paid for getting there and looked for place to live on their own. Restaurants informed that due to that, local students applied for job too. 
    McDonald`s and Pizza Hut offer help with college payments in the areas with low level of employment. Burger King provides with grants. 
    White Castle Restaurant representatives pay visits to job fairs so they could tell parents about working conditions and skills the students will obtain.

     These companies realized that customers are potential employees. A retail chain opened a campaign for personnel selection under the following slogan: “Our clients become our best employees.” There was a poster with this slogan in each store. Our service realizes all the responsibility and value of its customers just as well and due to this fact, every visitor is welcomed. Every order will be worked upon shortly after being placed. Feel free to apply for help and the service will not let you down.


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