To Write As If A Professional In 5 Steps


     “Easy reading is damned hard writing,” said Nathaniel Hawthorne. Professionals do a lot of copyediting. They copy edit everything, books and other kinds of materials. Even professionals in writing and/or editing has their raw works looking through which an average person will be underwhelmed. 
    What makes a professional writer out of a writer? A professional will always meet the requirements; the deadlines; no throwing tantrum but being polite, nice and understanding; S/he will speak a simple language to avoid overwhelming a customer, will not hesitate asking questions and answering queries of a the customer if any. 
    A pro writer has a voice, a style and it is easy to recognize him/her in accordance with this style. Once you hold a paper of the writer, you can tell it belongs to him/her. Plagiarism is out of the question when it comes to writing as long as it is seen as some sort of an insult at least for those who truly care for a proper and original writing. There is no way there is at least a pinch of originality and uniqueness once it was taken out of other sources. 
    Writing professionally requires a professional editing let alone proofreading. Otherwise, it is like a delicious dish without being properly served. Imagine, you come in a restaurant, which is good-looking and has a reputation of one of the well-known restaurants in the area. You have a seat, you order, you do not even wait for too long, just enough, you managed to enjoy the soft music meanwhile, which goes well with the design the restaurant was in and here we go! Your order is served. You look at it and… a great disappointment comes across your face. You are even unable to hide it. You have been waiting for so long for a chance to pay a visit, you have heard a lot about the place and how delicious its food is and now what you have to see is a total mess on your plate even though it looked different in the menu you had in your hands a few moments ago; on the official site and according to what others say.  To eat something what has inappropriate look is not that much of fun, is it? Same with reading a work, which was neither edited nor proofread. 
    A paper is some sort of a dish. It is a mental food. You will not eat garbage just like you will unlikely read a trash. How to write like a pro? Easy, you may accomplish the task through five steps only:
1.    Make your sentences shorter. It is not as if you need to copy Hemingway or something. Just do not over stretch your sentences.
2.    Do not put a few ideas into one paragraph in order not to overwhelm your readers. Follow a principle one idea = one paragraph. 
3.    –ing constructions are okay but if to replace them with indefinite tense, your writing will look more neat. 
4.    You might add some words, which are unnecessary. Omit them, replace them with others and you will get to see it to look and sound even better, not complicated but sophisticated at the same time. Simplifying is no good for a professional even though s/he should keep it on to a simple language.
5.    There is nothing wrong with passive voice but try to reframe most part of it replacing with active voice. The action makes not that much of a sense once the actor is hidden.

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