“Wat Was Rong with His Applicashun?”

  • Our company providing with writing and editing services is famous for its clearly structured plan on service providing. Along with having a wide range of services, free features, being accessible and affordable. Our customers may say as one that we work for a customer`s satisfaction and a customer is satisfied when the quality of paper is excellent and the rate is affordable. It was our original aim to come up with a service plan in order to have a happy army of customers, who would follow us and apply for help in a moment of need. A customer engagement is our purpose. Making a phone call to ask us a question, our customer will never get to hear a busy tone. Trying to reach through online live chat, our customer will never get an automatic response like “Too busy to chat at this time. Try again later”. Persuasiveness, kind-heartedness, self-belief and concern are those features of character our team of writers and editors have along with professionalism and a huge luggage of experience. 
  • If you need editing type of work to be done with your cover letter, no problem. We shall provide you with it and your cover letter will be edited in the best way possible. We are able to give our customers what they need. We have succeeded undoubtedly in meeting requirements and years of existing and working in the area have proved this ability. Just like Target Corporation, a fourth in size mass retailer of non-food goods, we have implemented a refund policy even just in case but there was not even once for it to be used but quality of service is more than a liberal policy of money back option. However, the policy of the mentioned above company was wrong because they followed the principle of self-service considering help with advice for a customer to have a price. Here, what a customer gets is assistance with his/her order and interaction with a writer or editor. Customers may freely ask for advice and will not be extra charged.
  • Another good example of proper interaction of the customers and members of staff of a company is Hyatt in the USA. There is an instance known of them to close their office for a day. Its managers were working side by side with its support staff in their 67 hotels. 400 employees of the main office, ranging from a president to a courier were carrying out luggage, cleaning up the dirty dishes out of the tables and making the beds. The president was working as a doorkeeper, administrator and barman; chairman of the board of directors was working spent all day in the administrator`s office; a courier was parking cars in Park Hyatt in Chicago. It was definitely good for business.
  • We do not have any luggage to carry apart from a luggage of knowledge. There are no tables with dirty dishes to clean up and beds to make but what we do is putting into service an interaction between customers and writers and editors, simplifying it, embedding new technologies or modernizing the current ones, implanting values to share between all the members of staff. This is how the infrastructure created, a service culture within the company and this is how it was created in our company for the benefit of our customers.
  • Service in the company with a high service culture looks like threads, which strikes all the organizational culture. What is essential is for management to realize it and the management of our company does and concern sincerely. 



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