What Is The Dog`s Name?


   In order to make it work with a customer, a company should know everything about this customer up to the smallest details. If the customer is asking for help for the fifth time in a row already, there is no way you could possibly forget his or her name. Every person likes it when s/he hears his or her name. Customers are not an exception. They appreciate it. It is a pleasant surprise for them to know that the employees of the company they like know their names and say it. 
    Imagine you enter a store for the second time in your life but you already are asked questions about members of your family and your pets with all the names mentioned. This is what we call an excellent service. It is due to the database a store keeps holding all the personal information a customer is ready to share with – sizes, color-, brand, style preferences; oftentimes, we know their nicknames, dates of birth, anniversaries, hobbies, previous work places, their spouses` work places, handicaps in golf. If they say they are in a hurry to the vet clinic, we ask how Lucy is doing. We know their dog`s name. 
     Of course, no one will ask you such questions online when it comes to a company providing with online services on either writing or editing and still, if a support team is aware of your name and you have a good interaction with a writer or editor assigned to accomplish your task, it is pure delight. We would never set an interrogation under torture. We may find it all out while interacting with our customer. 
     Once upon a time, a person lost his dog. It was a brown Labrador. There was a workshop nearby his home he used to drop by. Once, this man dropped by once again asking whether the man working there saw his dog. He provided with a description but all he got back was ignorance and anger. “I spend my days underneath the cars. I did not see any god damn dogs in here”. However, he could answer instead something like “No, I am sorry, I did not see any dog but I hope for you to find it any time soon”. Do you think this person is interested in his customers? There is no interest within such a reply and it is unlikely for a customer to drop by ever again.

A person can be taught how to change grease filters or sew suits but once a person is unable to care of others, it is impossible to teach. This is something what comes from the inside and if this is not your cup of tea, do not run a business providing services, become an angler instead.


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