What You Need To Know About Every College Applicant`s Bane


    College admission essay brings every college applicant into a screeching halt. Everyone has some knowledge, skills, tastes and dislikes, which make it to where they stand out among the rest. When it comes to writing, a word essay itself freaks many out before they even started working upon a paper. There is nothing to worry about. It is just a word of French origin. To write a cohesive and interesting content so it was entertaining to read and memorable is a problem but there is no problem, which it would be impossible to solve. Thus, we offer online service, which provides with help upon not only admission essays writing but also many other types of essay writing, re-writing, editing and proofreading. 
     Quality of service is provided with a whole company but not a writer only in our case. First thing is entering the site. It should be fast loading, clickable and easy to navigate so a visitor did not wander around and leave with nothing eventually just because the site was poorly designed. Pricing is an issue for most amount of customers and one of the reasons why a visitor does not turn into a customer. Trying to contact a service, all the contact information should be valid and support team should greet everyone with a smile on his or her faces even though there are no video calls. One may read the facial expression through the voice easily. Try it. Your voice will change too if to speak with a smile. Then writers, editors and proofreaders of course who are assigned to accomplish tasks. Experience, knowledge of rules and writing skills are surely required. In addition, communicational skills because there is still an interaction between an employee and a customer, discussion upon an order takes place while the order is in progress and until it is complete.
In this way, you may see how each and every employee of a company even though it is online company is important for the overall successful work. Everyone is a part of a company and influences the perception of customers. Standard practice to put responsibility on first line employees only is like to put responsibility for the cargo`s quality on stevedores. In the long run such a practice has rather negative impact on productivity and moral condition of the staff and leads to poor quality of service as a result. 
     95% of factors influencing a company`s reputation among existing and potential customers depends upon rank-and-file service staff. Unfortunately, The Times Magazine was absolutely right saying that business overall spends too enough time for trainings and motivation of the first line employees treating them as low-skilled workforce on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder. Even though a manager can think bad of its employees` personal qualities, they provide with customer service still. They create impressions among customers out of which a reputation of all the company is created.

     The last but not least is that the importance of employees to treat themselves well is also should be taken into consideration. If a person treats him/herself well, s/he will treat well others just as well. Quality Service Institute is a co-creation of Texas Air Corporation and Scandinavian Airlines System, which is well known for its excellent service. The goal of Quality Service Institute is to teach Texas Air Corporation the secrets of excellent customer service. Quality Service Institute offers “Buffet” from popular psychology, rousing speeches and gaming technologies. The aim is to help employees to understand themselves. They want for employees to learn not because it is good for the company but because it is good for themselves in the first place. 


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