Your Mother Was Right: Manners Do Matter


    We behave ourselves. We try to treat people – our customers and employees the exact same way we treat our close people: children, parents, spouses and friends. There are so many opportunities hidden in following this golden rule. It is much more pleasant to go out for a meal somewhere and do not be afraid of someone to complaint. On the contrary, they, being satisfied, will come over saying that our employees treated them so well; it is a blast to deal with us. 
    Such a state of things make it even more pleasant and joyful to work. There are no complaints because our customers like our service. You come at work to see your friends, not to fight with your enemies. Let alone the creation of a pleasurable atmosphere leads to more orders and less complaints. We realize that if we want our employees to be polite with our customers, we should be polite with them in our turn. An employee is unable to treat a customer well while s/he is treated poorly on behalf of the management. 
    Many details help to create such an atmosphere. For example, when a visitor enters the site, a support team asks what is the purpose of the visit, what is the query, how an operator can help a visitor. We appreciate each and every visit. It is like in the case with a car sales service. A customer is met, is opened the door in front of him/her and thanked to. While paying, a cashier gives a customer a little bar of chocolate as a thank you. Different sweets make it to where a pleasant attitude is created. Hotels do the exact same thing leaving some chocolates on the pillows.

    To conclude, your mother was right telling you to be polite interacting with other people. Follow her instructions. Good manners never did any harm. Politeness works better. Some think that politeness means weakness. No. It is more effective, resultative and makes people happier. Make extra efforts. Break a hamstring. Hold the door for people and help to carry the bags to the car, provide with a proper paper once you write, re-write, edit or proofread it. People value such things. Think of how pleasant it would be to receive the same attitude.


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